Text ad character lengths have just got longer!


For those of you that regularly log into your Google Ads account (formerly known as Google AdWords), you may have noticed a notification from Google to “Add more text to your ads”.

Google Ads Notification

Google recently made changes to expand text ad character lengths so that we have more room to convey our message to our customers (hallelujah!).

Now we can:
• Add a third headline
• Add a second description
• Use up to 90 characters for each description

Headline 3

Headline 3 appears after Headline 2 at the top of your ad and can be up to 30 characters. It is separated from Headline 2 by a vertical dash. This is great news as I find too often that I run out of characters and have to do something creative with the headline to get my message across.

However, Headline 3 may not always show so make you’re putting your most important information in headlines 1 and 2. I would suggest using Headline 3 for your brand name or url e.g. | Ghost Digital (if not already included in Headline 1 or 2).

Google Adds Headline 3 To Search Ads

Description Length & Description 2

Horrah! More characters to play with for the description!

Before this update we were given just 90 characters to craft a compelling description to convince searchers to pick our ad to answer their query. This updates means that we now have double the characters we had before to really sell ourselves!

As with the additional headline, Description 2 may not always show so make sure all your important info is up front in Description 1.

Google Adds Description 2 To Search Ads

Why Are Longer Text Ad Character Lengths Such A Big Deal?

The text you put in your advert is what convinces searches to click through to your website. The text needs to be compelling and relevant to what is being searched for. With room for more text, comes the opportunity to sell what you to do even more.

Don’t waste it! Make sure what you add enhances your ads and gives the search even more reason to click through.

So, What Are The New Text Ad Character Lengths?

The new text ad character lengths are 3x 30 characters for headlines, 2x 90 characters for descriptions and 2x 15 characters for display path.

Maximum character length on text ads

Happy editing! 🙂