Digital Marketing is arguably the most important part of a company’s marketing effort as it has the ability to specifically target your audience, put you in front of people who are already looking for you and you only pay for warm leads.

Sounds perfect, right?

But so often digital campaigns are set up without proper thought and not managed closely enough to get the most out of them. This isn’t your fault. More likely than not, you’re not being given all the information you need to make good business decisions, by the people you trust to manage your campaigns.

If you can’t answer all of the following questions, just by looking at your latest Digital Marketing report, then you may want to have a serious look at who manages your Digital Marketing. The following is crucial data to determine the success of your campaigns, they should be monitored and reported on regularly:

  • What is your CTR? Is it above 10%?
  • What is your average cost per lead? And cost per sale?
  • How many leads do you need for a sale?
  • Are you receiving a positive Return On Investment (ROI)?

To help determine where you stand, we will conduct a Comprehensive Digital Health Check (stand alone cost) that will let you know how your digital marketing is performing and highlight where improvements can be made to increase your Return On Investment (ROI).

We will then give you a shopping list quote in order of importance to improve your accounts, campaigns, adverts, website etc.

This isn’t a compulsory part of this service, you could just purchase the Digital Health Check and take the findings to your current Digital Management company if you wish.

Unlike some traditional digital agencies, we don’t want you to pay a hefty retainer for us to manage your digital and keep you in the dark about what we actually get up to. Here at Ghost, we want to put the power back in your hands and teach you how to manage your digital yourself (it’s really much simpler than you’d think!). Find out more about our Digital Hero Training here.


“Danni completed a comprehensive Digital Health Check for us when we were concerned about our performance online. Her findings have proven absolutely invaluable for moving forward and highlighted areas where we’ve just been wasting money. Couldn’t have asked for better!”

from Serious Sport

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