Simply Shutters are the number 1 ranked UK manufacturer of external shutters in the UK. They provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and the lowest prices in the UK.

They are already very successful in what they do but hadn’t explored the world of online marketing much before. Owner Paul approached Ghost following a recommendation from a business contact that they should be running Paid Search ads on Google.

Unfortunately, Paul had been a victim of Click Fraud in the past and was wasn’t convinced that advertising on Google works. Nonetheless, he got in touch with Ghost as he was intrigued by the idea of them being able to run the campaigns themselves after some training (Digital Hero Training).

Following some discussion on the benefits of advertising on Google (see blog post: What Is The Best Digital Marketing Platform?) and reassurance that things have moved on massively in regards to Click Fraud protection, Paul decided that it was worth a try!

Paul wanted to focus on his internal Louvre Doors product to start with and go from there.


  • Conducted a Comprehensive Digital Health Check to highlight any areas for improvement online as this would aid the Paid Search campaign in the long-run
  • Set up a Paid Search campaign to promote Louvre Doors to relevant searchers on Google
  • Set up a Remarketing campaign that follows visitors of the Louvre Door webpage (but haven’t made a purchase) with adverts to remind them to come back and buy!
  • Training a member of staff, Claire, to run the day-to-day management of the campaign (making the campaigns instantly more profitable!)
  • Provide monthly reports and recommendations for improving results month on month


Results after month 1: Every £1 spent on the ads generated £6.19 in sales

Results after month 2: Every £1 spent on the ads generated £16.15 in sales

No brainer, right?!

Not only did the conversion value improve dramatically in month 2 but the Cost Per Click (CPC) decreased from 79p to 46p and the Cost Per Conversion (Sale) decreased from £17.29 to £9.50! ?

The training with Claire showed her how to make quick daily checks to keep the campaign relevant and make sure they’re not wasting any precious budget. So these results will only get better as time goes on and as budget is increased. Winning!


“We entered into this PPC programme with some misgivings as we were victims of click fraud many years ago and did not want to put ourselves at risk again. To say that I am beyond pleasantly surprised with the results is somewhat of an understatement. The cost per click has fallen dramatically since we started and it seems the more successful we are, the cheaper the cost gets. You’ve definitely made me reconsider the PPC programme as a viable and cost effective way of doing more business!”

Paul Millar
from Simply Shutters

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