Serious Sport are the UK’s No1 for personalised sports clothing. They are absolutely brilliant at what they do and provide a top quality product and service to the sporting community.

Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for the Digital Marketing service they had received over the years. They were pumping a lot of money into Google AdWords in particular and weren’t getting anywhere near the Return On Investment (ROI) they required to make it a success. On top of this, they were really disappointed with the level of support they were receiving from their Digital Marketing agencies (of which they tried several!) and didn’t understand what they were doing for the monthly management cost.

In a nutshell, they had begun to feel that Digital Marketing just didn’t work for their business (sound familiar?!).

After a discussion with Ghost, it was decided that they could really benefit from the Digital Rejuvenation service to pinpoint where the issues are, get the campaigns set up to best practice and take part in the Digital Hero training to save on hefty monthly management costs.


  • Completed a Comprehensive Digital Health Check of their Google Platforms (AdWords, Analytics etc), Social Media Ad Platforms and Website
  • 1-hour Strategy Session to decide the goal for their Digital Marketing
  • Restructured their Paid Search campaigns in Google AdWords to best practises
  • Completed Digital Hero Training with two members of staff so they could run the day-to-day management themselves
  • Provided Unlimited Online Support for the Digital Heroes.

The most crucial thing that needed changing in Serious Sport’s Paid Search campaign was making sure that everything was relevant. Previous campaigns had been set up with one campaign to one ad group with a mixture of different topic keywords to three generic adverts.

So if someone searched for “adidas cricket shoes” they would see the same advert as someone that had searched “kookaburra cricket bat”. The ad would also click through to the same webpage.

By restructuring the campaign according to best practise the Paid Search campaign now had 18 Ad Groups and each of these had there own set of tailored keywords and at least 3 adverts (over 50 different adverts in total!).

This is the number 1 rule for any Digital Marketing campaign…..BE RELEVANT!
(See blog post: No1 On Your AdWords To Do List)


In the first month, the campaign achieved:

    • 100% increase in sales on the website (conversions) compared to the previous campaign by another Digital Agency.
      And the daily budget was exactly the same!
    • The Click Through Rate went up from 1.29% before the new campaign to 10.31%!
      This shows the adverts are now relevant and are capturing more people’s interests
    • Maintained the average position of 1.4
      This means that they are in the very top position on Google most of the time.
    • Lowered the average cost per click from 51p to 44p for this campaign.
      Due to Google recognising the best practises put in place and the effort being put in to improve relevancy.

And these will only get better over time if the good work is kept up!

And on top of all these incredible results, two members of staff were trained to be Serious Sport’s Digital Heroes and take on the day-to-day management of the Digital Marketing campaigns. So going forward they would also save the monthly retainer cost (they were paying over £400!) so their Digital Marketing was instantly more profitable!


“Danni completed a comprehensive Digital Health Check for us when we were concerned about our performance online. Her findings have proven absolutely invaluable for moving forward and highlighted areas where we’ve just been wasting money. Couldn’t have asked for better!”

from Serious Sport

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