Heidi is the face of Exercise Referral in her local area having lead a government-run scheme for 15 years. She helps people to improve their quality of life through injury, illness, poor posture, poor lifestyle or following diagnosis of a medical condition.

While she loved what she did, she wanted to do it for herself so made the brave move to start a business.

She started Health Driven, a 1-to-1 personal training service along with local exercise classes from Falls Prevention to Pilates to Nordic Walking.

It became apparent quite quickly that she needed help with advertising her classes but with an ever changing list of classes, venues, dates etc she was facing having to spend every time she started a new class!

She needed a solution that looked professional but could be done cheaply and quickly. Enter Ghost!


  • Created a professional brand image
  • Produced a suite of advertising materials that could be used to promote classes, including print adverts, posters and leaflets
  • Set up the materials as templates online on a design editing programme that Heidi could edit herself whenever needed
  • Set up Facebook page and provided tuition on how to promote classes


Health Driven have been trading for over a year now and have runs more than 15 classes each week.

Heidi has been able to promote these classes herself by using the editable online templates to run adverts in her local publications and create leaflets and posters for each class.

This is the ultimate blend of traditional marketing with digital techniques!

She has also had great success on Facebook through running some paid promotions for her classes.


“I was really nervous about starting out on my own but Danni has helped me from day one. I knew she was all about Online Marketing which is what I originally spoke to her about but she has delivered me a fantastic brand and a way for me to grow my business myself without having to pay an agency for new designs and changes every time I was running a new class.

I am really grateful to Danni for giving me a way of promoting my classes myself while still looking professional.”

from Health Driven

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