Chichester Shutters are a family-run plantation shutters company in West Sussex who provide a full service from home survey to fitting the shutters. They’ve been trading since 1999 but recently changed their name locally to Chichester Shutters to further promote their dedication to their local area.

Since changing their name in 2014, Chichester Shutters has gone from strength to strength. A new website and digital marketing strategy (implemented by Ghost – see Case Study here) was bringing in more customers than ever before.

With only a small family team, Sam, owner of Chichester Shutters, wanted to grow the business but knew that the current team couldn’t handle the amount of extra work that was required to convert each customer into a sale. Every stage was manual from calling back the customer to ask for dimensions of their windows to sending emails back and forth to schedule a survey. It was apparent that it would require several additional members of staff to cope with the increase in customers the Digital Marketing was producing and the office space wasn’t equipped for this.

Sam approached us with the challenge to help him handle more customers and grow the business without the need to hire more office staff. Challenge accepted.


  • Mapped out the current customer journey to pinpoint what could be improved with automation
  • Built an online estimate form so customers can enter their window measurements and receive an estimate via email (rather than manual estimates over email)
  • Link with an online appointment booking system so customers can book their own Home Surveys online (rather than emails back and forth)
  • Introduce online payments so customers can pay their quotes online following the survey (rather than payments over the phone)
  • Using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) System to improve the customer journey so that the customer feels just well looked after but with minimal touch points from the Chichester Shutters team
  • Comprehensive staff training on the new system with an online trouble shooting guide


As this is being written, the new automated systems are about to go live so the true impact hasn’t been felt yet. However Sam has estimated that this new system will allow his current team to handle up to 50% more work and they will only be dealing with warm customers as the online estimating will filter out anyone Shutters are out of budget for.

Watch this space for the stats once it’s live!


“At first I was amazed by how much more business I was getting with the Digital Marketing that Ghost set up for me but very quickly it became obvious that my team couldn’t handle the increase in customer enquires. I wasn’t in a position to hire more staff so needed to sharpen our processes and automate everything we could to allow the team to handle the increase in activity.

Danni took what was a pretty daunting challenge completely in her stride and proved to be an absolute expert in InfusionSoft (our current CRM system). The developers she brought on-board to build the estimate form were brilliant and I didn’t need to get involved at all which was an added bonus!

The automation and customer journeys she has built provide an even better service than we can now due to lack of time in the day and it ensures that no customer is missed! “

Chichester Shutters

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