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Ghost is most suited to small to medium companies of 5 employees and over. This is because of our unique approach to Digital Management where we like to train a member of your team to be your Digital Hero. This person absolutely shouldn’t be the business owner!

Absolutely not! This isn’t about you spending more money – it’s about you saving a big monthly expense and taking back control of your digital marketing. Your Digital Hero could be anyone in your business – it requires no special skills as our training will teach from the basics up. Whats more, it isn’t a laborious task to manage once live; Just 15 minutes each day when campaigns are live and perhaps a few hours a fortnight to plan for upcoming campaigns.

This isn’t a service we offer as we’re passionate about companies being in control of their own Digital Marketing. However, if you feel this is something you need, we can find someone to run your Digital for you once we’ve set up your campaigns.

It’s difficult to put a number on it as everyone as a varying degree of digital spend. However, the usual method is to employ a digital agency to run your campaigns for you which is where the saving is. This cost could be anything from £100 to upwards of £1000 a month, depending on the agency and frequency of campaigns. By managing the Digital yourselves (which is pretty easy once you know how!), you will save this monthly cost to pump back into your digital budget, explore a new digital platform or into another part of your business entirely.

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