Digital marketing trumps traditional alternatives for the hottest leads every time…but which is the best Digital Marketing platform and which should you invest in first? 

A good question but not an easy one to answer. The truth is that it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

However, it is possible to put the different types of Digital Marketing on a scale of which will produce the hottest leads for your business.

What makes a HOT lead?

A hot lead is one that is most likely to convert into a sale. If a lead is HOT then the potential customer has proven that they are looking for what you’ve got so you better be putting yourself in front of them!


And the results for the best Digital Marketing platform are……


6th Place: Emails

Email is a great platform because it’s essentially free! Email comes at the bottom of this scale because it’s very dependent on the circumstances. Have the people on your list bought from you before? Are they likely to buy again? Is the offer right? There’s also the fact the email open rates are falling fast so you have to send a lot to get noticed.

5th Place: Display Advertising

Display Advertising places your ads on the type of websites that your audience are likely to visit. You can convince viewers to click through to your site through strong images and key messages. While you can identify where you audience might, you can’t be sure exactly who is looking and if they are in need of what you’re selling.

4th Place: Social Media Advertising

You can talk directly to your perfect customer through targeting options on social media. Facebook in particular has incredible targeting tools that can find you exactly who you need to talk to. They may not have heard of you or know they need you but this targeting gives you the best chance of getting a conversion from a cold audience.

3rd Place: Remarketing

Remarketing shows ads to people who have already shown interest in you by visiting your website but didn’t cross the finish line. You can follow them across the web to remind them to come back and buy that product/service from you. People are busy and they get distracted, sometimes it just takes a reminder.

2nd Place: Paid Search

People are searching for what you’ve got! Paid Search ads appear at the very top of Google search results and you can bid against your competitors to be at the top of the list. This is how you make sure your customers know that you’re the best at what you do, exactly when they’re looking for it.

1st Place (aka THE BEST DIGITAL MARKETING PLATFORM): Google Shopping

Not only are people searching for what you’re selling but they’re in a buying environment. This makes them hot, hot, hot leads! It won’t be applicable to everyone as you have to have a product to advertise in Google Shopping but if you do, this should be top of your Digital Marketing checklist.

Hottest Digital Marketing Leads Download

Hottest Digital Marketing Leads Download